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Vision Correction - with contact lenses
Long sightedness and short sightedness can be corrected by wearing contact lenses as an alternative to eye glasses. Contact lenses are tiny discs of plastic, which are placed on the surface of the eye. You may choose to wear contact lenses over glasses because you prefer your facial appearance without glasses and contact lenses cannot be seen when worn. Or, you may be keen on particular sports where contacts are a better solution, as glasses can be knocked or broken.

A pair of contact lenses, positioned with the concave side facing upward.

In this guide, you will find a whole host of information about contact lenses. If you would like to try contact lenses, contact your nearest branch of i-GATE.Your eyes will need to be examined and the lenses will need to be fitted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Your eye-care professional will help you decide which is the best lens for you as well as how to place lenses, remove lenses and how to store them. The most important factor is that the lens corrects your prescription. It must also fit well in your eye. There are many different types of lenses and they can come in a huge number of sizes and shapes. The optometrist will evaluate your prescription, eye structure and your tears when deciding the best lens for you. If you suffer from dry eyes, then a suitable lens can be selected as to reduce these symptoms.
Different types of contact lenses can be worn for a different duration of time. Single use contact lenses are only worn once and are then disposed of. Daily wear lenses are worn during the day and are then removed and stored, to be worn on another day. Extended wear lenses can be worn throughout the night whilst asleep, and can be left in for several days. There are even continuous wear lenses available, which can be left in they eye for up to one month.

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